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Affordable Handguns, Pistols, and Revolvers for SaleAt Front Sight Firearms, we sell new and used handguns from many different manufacturers. This includes some of the most popular handguns among private individuals, gun collectors, and military or law enforcement officers. As part of our wide selection of handguns that are available and in stock, we also sell many unique and hard to find handguns as well. Our complete selection of handguns includes popular styles of pistols and revolvers from Colt, Glock, Ruger, and Smith & Wesson. Because of our low overhead, we are able to sell each of these handguns at low prices thus making them affordable to all of our customers.

If you are looking for a specific type of handgun, please contact us for a price quote. When contacting us, please include the brand, model, model number, caliber, and any other specifics in order to receive a prompt response.

Types of Handguns We Sell

As a growing firearm and firearm accessory supply company, we carry a complete selection of handguns in stock. This includes handguns from some of the most popular manufacturers. We also buy and sell used firearms. Additionally, we have access to many other types of firearms including rare, unique, and specialty handguns.

Some of the most popular types of handguns we sell include:

Discount Colt HandgunsColt Handguns: Colt handguns have long been known for offering innovation and a commitment to quality and excellence. Some of the popular Colt rifles and pistols available include 1911 Series, Defender & New Agent, XSE Series, Rail Gun, Combat Elite & Delta Elite, Series 70 Pistol, Gold Cup Series, Special Combat Government, .380 Mustang Pocketlite, Single Action Army Revolver, and New Frontier.

Discount Glock HandgunsGlock Handguns: Glock handguns are designed and engineered to respond to and meet the needs of the customers. Therefore, many models are designed to serve a specific purpose, while others are more versatile. Popular Glock handgun models include G17, G19, G20, G21, G22, G23, G25, G26, G27, G28, G29, G30, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G36, G37, G38, and G39.

Discount Kahr Arms HandgunsKahr Handguns: Kahr is a leading manufacturer of high quality concealed carry pistols. Popular handguns include the K9, MK9, P9, CW9, CM9, PM9, T9, TP9, K40, MK40, P40, CW40, CM40, PM40, T40, TP40, P45, CW45, CM45, PM45, TP45, and P380 models.

Discount Kel Tec HandgunsKel-Tec Handguns: Kel-Tec is a leading firearm manufacturer committed to the development and production of original, unique, high-performance firearms. Popular Kel-Tec handgun models include the PF-9, P-11, P-32, P3AT, PLR-16, PLR-22, and PMR-30.

Discount Kimber HandgunsKimber Handguns: Kimber manufactures a wide variety of 1911 handguns including the Custom II, Cover II, Gold Match II, Aegis II, Compact II & Pro Carry II, CDP II, Ultra Cary II, Raptor II, Crimson Carry II, Super Cary, Tactical II, Eclipse II, and Rimfire models.

Discount Ruger HandgunsRuger Handguns: Ruger is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high-quality firearms for the commercial sporting market. Popular handgun models include LCP, LC9, SR9c, SR9, SR40c, SR40, SR1911, P-Series, SR22, 22 Charger, Mark III, 22/45, LCR, SP101, GP100, Redhawk, Super Redhawk, Bearcat, Single-Six, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, and Vaquero.

Discount Sig Sauer HandgunsSig Sauer Handguns: We are an Authorized Premier Dealer for Sig Sauer. Therefore, we carry all types of models including the 1911, P210, P224, P238, P250, P290, P516 Pistols, P556 Pistols, P938, P220, P226, P229, SP2022, P239, P232, and Mosquito Models.

Discount Smith and Wesson HandgunsSmith & Wesson Handguns: Smith & Wesson is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer for quality firearms for enthusiasts, hunters, gun collectors, and military and police professionals. Popular pistol and revolver handguns include SW1911 E Series, SW1911, SD VE & SD40 VE, Bodyguard 380, M&P, Sigma Series, .22 LR Rimfire, Performance Center, Governor, Bodygaurd 38, Small Frame J, Medium Frame K/L, Large Frame N, XLarge Frame X, Classics, Performance Center, NightGuard, and M&P.

Discount Springfield Armory HandgunsSpringfield Armory Handguns: Springfield Armory manufactures a variety of types and styles of 1911 Pistols and XD Pistols as well as the XD M Compact Pistol.

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Our handguns are available for sale to individuals in the McKinney and Dallas-Fort Worth area. We can also ship guns to registered FFL dealers across the country. If you would like to purchase any of the handguns or any other firearms and accessories that we sell, please contact Front Sight Firearms to request a quote for the products you would like to purchase. When contacting us, please include the brand, model, model number, caliber, and any other specifics in order to receive the promptest response.

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