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A holster is a type of case or strap used for carrying and securing a firearm on a person, to a saddle, or in a vehicle. The term is most commonly used to describe leather, plastic, or fabric devices, which are worn by a person and act to secure a firearm to prevent undesired movement. There are many different types of holsters available. Some types of holsters are specially designed to conceal a handgun under normal clothing, while others, like shoulder holsters, are simply designed to keep the gun secured where it is readily available.

At Front Sight Firearms, we sell a variety of different types of holsters. With this complete selection, we have holsters that are perfect for law enforcement officers, military personnel, concealed carry, hunting, and a number of other situations. Our large selection of holsters includes those of many different styles and types including shoulder holsters, belt holsters, and concealment holsters. To see if we sell the type of holster which you are interested in buying or to request a price quote for any of the shoulder holsters or other types of holsters that we sell, please contact us online today.

Types of Holsters: Shoulder Holsters, Handgun Holsters, & More

When you are selecting the type of holster that is best for you, you will need to consider a variety of factors. This includes the situation in which you will be using your holster as well as the type of handgun or firearm you will be carrying. Other factors include the holsters’ safety and securability, finish, durability, comfort, conceal-ability, placement, drawing ease, retention, and adjustability. Because there are so many different types and styles of handgun holsters available including shoulder holsters, concealment holsters, duty holsters, sporting holsters, waistband holsters, and more, it is important to carefully consider each type of holster in order to determine the best type of holster for your desired application.

Some common types of gun holsters that we sell include:

  • Duty Holsters: Duty holsters are designed to be attached to a duty belt and worn on the strong-side of the user. These gun holsters are typically made for full-sized and midsized handguns. They have a higher level of retention than other holster types, which helps make it more difficult for another person to remove the gun from the holster.
  • Tactical Holster / Military Holsters: Tactical holsters are handgun holsters that are made of nylon or plastic. Most of these holsters have a drop-leg design and some also include a flap that covers the gun in order to provide protection of the firearm.
  • Concealment Holsters: Concealment holsters are lightweight holsters that are designed to allow you to easily conceal a firearm under clothing. These are typically designed for small to midsized handguns as they are easier to conceal. Since many concealment holsters are designed to be worn under clothing, comfort should be considered as well as the holsters ability to protect the gun from perspiration.
  • Sporting Holsters: Sporting holsters are any type of holsters that are designed to be used during recreational and shooting sports. This includes hunting holsters, which are often shoulder holsters designed for carrying large handguns, or special holsters, which are designed to hold a handgun during recreational target shooting. Typically drawing ease is not considered with sporting holsters as these are not intended for use in defensive situations.
  • Shoulder Holsters: Shoulder holsters are specific types of holsters that use two straps in a backpack style design to transfer the weight of the gun to the shoulders. These holsters allow the user to wear the handgun under either arm in a vertical position with the barrel pointing downward or a horizontal position with the barrel pointing behind the user. Shoulder holsters can easily be concealed by wearing a jacket or coat.
  • Waistband Holsters: Types of waistband holsters include both inside waistband (IWB) and outside waistband (OWB) holsters. These holsters typically secure the gun to a belt or waistband. Some inside waistband holsters even allow the user to tuck a shirt in over the firearm for concealment.
  • Belly Band Holsters: Belly band holsters are made of an elastic belt with a built-in holster. They allow a gun to be placed in one of several places around the belt line or in front of or behind the armpit. These holsters are typically worn under an untucked shirt for easy access to the firearm.
  • Middle of the Back Holsters: These holsters secure a firearm over the center of the back. This is great for concealing large handguns as it eliminates the outline of the gun from showing.
  • Groin / Thigh Holsters: Groin or thigh holsters secure a gun to the thigh area. This allows the user to have increased mobility and fewer clothing restrictions than with other types of holsters such as shoulder holsters or belt holsters. These handgun holsters are common among military and police officials.
  • Ankle Holsters: Ankle holsters secure a firearm to the ankle under the pant leg. These handgun holsters are commonly used by law enforcement officers to carry a smaller secondary weapon.
  • Open –Top Holsters: These are handgun holsters that do not have a security strap. Instead, the leather is designed to fit snugly around the gun frame.
  • Belt Scabbard Holsters: Belt scabbard holsters are handgun holsters that attach to the belt by belt loops and hang on the outside of the belt and pants.
  • Sight Track Holsters: Sight track holsters are handgun holster that have a special grove where the handgun’s front sight fits when the gun is being drawn. These types of holsters can typically be carried vertically or in a tilted direction on the belt.

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