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A gun magazine is any type of ammunition storage and feeding device that is attached to a repeating firearm. These can be fixed to the firearm or a separate detachable piece. A typical gun magazine functions by moving the cartridges stored in the magazine from their location in the magazine into a position where they can be loaded into the chamber. Detachable magazines are also often mistakenly called clips. However, a gun clip is actually the device that is used to feed a gun magazine or revolving cylinder.

Gun Magazines, Loaders, & ClipsAt Front Sight Firearms, we sell a large selection of gun magazines from many different manufacturers that are intended for use with a variety of types of firearms. This includes both box type and tubular gun magazines for use with rifles, shotguns, and handguns. To see if we can supply the specific gun magazine to meet your needs, please contact us with information about the type and style of magazine that you are interested in buying. As a leading firearm supplier and gun shop based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area in Texas, we are proud to supply a complete selection of gun magazines, clips, and other firearm accessories to customers across the country.

Our Selection of Gun Magazines

The following are some of the many different types of gun magazines that you can buy at affordable prices from Front Sight Firearms. To learn more about the selection of magazines that we carry or to find out if we sell the type of magazine to meet your required specifications, please contact us today.

  • AR-15 Magazines 223
  • AR-15 Magazines 223 Rebuild Kits
  • AR-15 Magazines 22LR
  • AR-15 Magazines 9 mm
  • .308 Magazines

Box Style Gun Magazines

A box magazine is a square or rectangular style of gun magazine. This is the most popular type of magazine and it can be used in shotguns, rifles, or pistols. Box style gun magazines can be a built in part of the gun or a separate detachable piece. Built in magazines typically have a floorplate that opens up to allow for loading while detachable magazines are removed so that they can be loaded. With detachable magazines, some shooters find it helpful to buy a secondary magazine or several backup gun magazines that they can keep loaded in order to allow for quick reloading.

Tubular Gun Magazine Loaders

Tubular gun magazines are long, tube shaped magazines that can be found in long guns located either through the buttstock and lower receiver of the gun or as a part of the upper receiver under the barrel. Some of these types of gun magazines have an inside tube, which must be removed in order to let cartridges drop out, while others allow the cartridges to be removed by operating the action of the gun.

Buy Our Discount Gun Magazines

If you would like to place an order to buy any of the gun magazines that we have available for sale at affordable, discount prices, please contact us online. When contacting us to request a price quote or to find availably for any of the firearms or gun accessories that we sell, please be sure to include any specific information about the product you are interested in such as the manufacturer, type of firearm, caliber, or other specifications. After receiving your request, we will be in touch to provide pricing information and offer individualized customer service throughout the sale and into the future.

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